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BARAMO Hair Growth Tonic (Hair loss treatment

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  • MaterialTRIKO-Activ(Patent ingredient)

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  • South Korea South Korea
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BARAMO Hair Growth Tonic

BARAMO Hair Growth Tonic (Daily use anti hair loss tonic, prevent alopecia for men and women) made with natural ingredients


These are the things you will hear after you use BARAMO Hair Growth Tonic in 2 weeks :

"Did you do something on you hair?"

"Your hair looks stronger."

"I think you grew some hair on your head." 

"Wow, your hair looks silky!"



[Advantages of BARAMO]


* BARAMO HAIR TONIC inhibits the formation of  5 alpha -reductase which contributes DHT(the main cause of hair loss) and BARAMO is the only one product that suppresses 5 alpha reductase!!


- Refreshing of Hair follicle & Nourishing, Moisturizing

- Scalp and hair protect ingredient

- Patent ingredient of KADAS(The association of Trichologist)

- 12 Natural ingredients :  Vitamin C, Lemon extracts, Orange extraacts, Ginseng extract, Green tea extraact, Rosemary leaf extract etc.

- Quality proved! - Research and Develpoment of KADAS & Seoul National University



Use a small amount and try to disperse evenly on you scalp and hair. Try to massage your scalp for at least three minutes.


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